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Chinese characters portray an outside image consisting of lines with hidden messages inside. Similarly, observable human behavior may not accurately reflect internal beliefs and emotions, causing misinterpretation in communication. Yet, there is hidden beauty in both cases, to be found by looking and learning.

I learned how to translate Chinese characters applicable to leadership and life. My chosen thirty-six are practical and fit right into our world of today. So, by looking inside the lines, I decipher mysteries and provide you with my modern interpretations of beneficial strategies for success – useful for leadership and other aspects of your life.

I am excited about sharing the inspiration that I received from the ancients. Chinese writing is as old as the shells and bones it was originally carved on by scribes thousands of years ago. They had a story to share. I am continuing what they began by including my interpretations, bringing the characters into our time – for all of us to be next in the line of scribes.

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Meredith Gardner, Ph.D., behavioral psychologist, is president of the Strategic Edge, a management consulting firm specializing in personality and consequences of behavior. Her leadership programs include coaching high potentials and people with disruptive personality glitches while her group programs focus on communication and conflict resolution.

She is a radio host, has appeared on Bloomberg News, Wall Street Journal Network, Voice of America and is an international speaker.

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